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October 02, 2013



You will need two cameras to detect distance accurately. There are many cars now equipped with collision avoidance system and lane departure warning. This might become an after market item if you can merge multiple cameras and GPS signal to alert the driver. The car camcorder is more for accident recording or parking security purpose.

Tze Chien Chu

You are right, it is not eh purpose of the car camcorder. I just thinking why not just use it as a simple platform and expand it. Like PC on our desktop. I know there are advacance stuff on lexury car. (Like IBM Mainframe to the big firm) We are talking about small car.
The camera is like a PC to them.


These features are more common in US cars even Subaru and Toyota has them as option. The problem is what is the human interface which show the distance or announce the warning. Some of these safety feature has to be integrated to the car to be more effective. The main issue is cost and benefit ratio of this gadget. I think putting two forward facing camera on a smartphone can do this task easily -- another APP idea for you :)

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