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April 25, 2011


Chien-hsiang Chen

I am curious about open information management refering from your article. Is it attributing to open innovation? Open innovation is a hot topic in recent years. A lot of firms have been implemented open innovation into their innovatoin strategy.

Tze-Chien Chu

What in my mind is , an open source information system who understand present information more get the control.(maybe not just one person but a group of people) these people are not static but dynamic assigned based on their understanding of the present situation.(How to evaluate understanding can follow the credit system like ebay or by twitter )

Tze-Chien Chu

It is not about innovation. It is about decision making.
Innovation is a lot easy. It is just culture issue. (You won't get innovation from people who don't have the habbit or passion)


You are absolutely right about culture of openess and transparency in decision making process. Innovation requires a lot of mistakes (e.g. how many time does Edison fail to find the filament of a incandecent lamp). The culture that discourage making mistakes usually are not innovative. How to make smart mistakes and learn from them is the question for the decision makers in a company or a country. Unfortunately, finding excuses are most commonly tactics to spin mistakes therefore no true innovation will evlove from them.

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