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March 07, 2010



蔣公 (立正)說:[生活的目的在增進人類全体之生活,生命的意義在創造宇宙繼起之生命]..人生是要為下一輩子(下一代)解決問題..上輩子的事應該都忘了吧?!

Tze-Chien Chu

你誤會了 我的意思是說要"花上"一輩子的時間 並不是要去解"上一輩子"的題目 不過這倒是一個有趣的想法 畢竟大家都是生活在上一代或是自己所造成的環境下


Decsions are not hard if you have a clear goal and principles. People lives in the consequence of their collective decisions of the past. For example, stock market in 2008, many people decided to sell at a loss without significant change in the foundamental of the public traded companies. This results in a remorse bull market of the 2009. The hope is that people will "LEARN" from the past decsion mistakes.

The history show that human loves to "rationalize" mistakes and even "rewrite" history/memory that justify their past error. This type of gene is passed on to the next generation until evolution force can change this type of behavior.

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