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September 11, 2009



這種"貪污罪"在中國大多是判"死緩" 相當於臺灣的"無期徒刑".所以"統一"在臺是進行式,只是媒體,人民看不清這"審判"的"政治"意義。

法官也是人,人的判決在歷史上會有公評。上帝的判決要等這些人"做古"之後。有些人很喜歡用"古人"的思考方式為今人做評判, 這種人可能期待著見"古人"和上帝的那一天吧。


Tze-Chien Chu

法庭不是爭戰的地方啦 而且坦白說這個時空不比美麗島 只要小馬在位國民黨在位 你就離不開監獄 事實上關的越久你的本錢越多不是嗎?
另外 我個人的經驗 上帝的判決事實上都蠻快的只要你真的臣服在上帝的面前 還有上帝不是來執行人的公平與正義的 ...
我認為陳水扁是有犯罪 只是不該如此重罰 搞的不是政治犯變政治犯就實在難看了


I don't think Ah Bien is guilty according to the law of ROC as Ma's “special fund” precedent has given him the cover. He is indeed guilty in the law of God where he took shortcuts to raise fund for himself, his family members and his party. The court IS the battle ground for lawyers and the prosecutors. It should NOT be the battle ground between the judges and the lawyers. The judges should rule by the laws and previous court cases that set the precedents . If the judges cannot convince common people what is the difference between the "special fund" and the "executive fund", then it is hard to make people believe there is any truth in their judgments. That is the reason why I think a 12 common person Jury trial could be more credible than the 3 young judges. They may suffer from a collective illusion about their social responsibility among their own circle of friends and families.
This case reflects the sorry state of Taiwan's judicial system. But there is no perfect court in the world. If Ah Bien can find peace with himself, his family and his God, he won’t care about the judgment from the courts. If he can use this case to educate people in Taiwan to fight for his/her own right in the court rule by law not emotion or moral doctrines. That would be a great contribution to Taiwan as an ex-president. It is a shame that people of Taiwan could not make more use of his talents to do something more constructive. God has His plan for everyone. His story is not ended yet so we will just have to wait and see.

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