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April 30, 2009


Rohan Smith

I have been following your progress with the arduino - NXT integration. This is a topic I am currently researching, However is there a command in the NXT Firmware/API to communicate with custom I2C devices? After you connect the I2C device how will you control it?
I haven't solved that problem in my researching as yet.

Tze-Chien Chu

I use NXC and RobotC.
Both of them provide the I2C Access command.
But you cannot customized them.
All you can do is to use them and follow the patten.
I don't know how you want to control Arduino.

What I plan to do is just to treat Arduino as a Smart Sensor. That
send the decision out for me.
So I don't need to read the analog value and process it
All I need to read is a Binary data.
Is there wall infront,right or left. Is there wall near robot
infront,right and left.
And also make a hub between other UART based device. Like RFID Reader.

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