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March 30, 2009



It has nothing to do with male or female brain or the ability to multi-task.

It is a simple matter of maturity. There are three levels of maturity in most skills. The first level is dependent, i.e. you can play the song with music sheet in sight by yourself. Second level is independence, which you can play the song without any help and concentrate on the song as if nothing else is going on other than you and the song you are playing. Finally, the level of maturity is "inter-dependent"-- here you know how to play your song well and you also can anticipate the rhythm and notes from other players in a group. Think about orchestra players must be able to do. They not only play their own part well, but also anticipate what others are doing in order to make the symphony sound like a harmony as oppose to a cacophony.

So the only way is "KEEP PRACTICING" until you become independent of the music notes. Then you can pay attention to what others are doing that might affect what you do. The experience is similar to driving a car on a highway. You must have complete control of the instrument and know where you are going!!

Tze-Chien Chu

但是那是不可能的 因為我不會貝譜的 一首短短的80-100小節的曲子 我練上兩星期也貝不起來(當然不是只練一首) 隨便一首像樣的曲子都要200-400小節 (當然啦 音樂有很多規則可循啦) 哪貝的起來ㄚ

Tze-Chien Chu


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