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August 14, 2008



君子愛財取之有"道"。阿扁家族貪財的碓是臺灣政治人物的恥辱。KMT/CCP 結構性的貪污才能保障下臺政治人物不被清算。檢調及法院如能公正處理,重判不法,對現在的臺灣政府也是一大警惕。可惜馬英九的特別費案証明法院的無能。






Now the some detail has emerged, it appears to be an underground DPP party/A-bien family finacial operation exposed by KMT agents. Without healthy compaign finacial laws (Sunshine laws), all politicians are exposed to this type of suspician and temptation. There is nothing wrong about taking money for political purpose. The problem is how to make this political process more transparent so people can follow the money more closely. If something ever positive come out it (not just sending a former president to jail), it is the passing of the Sunshine laws. Trust a check-and-balance system not some political superstar is the lesson to be learned here. Human always make mistakes as we are not God. When a human is self-promoted to a "God-like" status, such as A-bien, Mr. Ma, Mr. Lee and General CKS, serious mistakes are inevitable. It is only a matter of time before their mistakes get exposed.

Mr. Obama took more than 300 millions in contribution and expected to spent upward of 500 millions this fall. Frankly, 20-30 million US dollars is not really a lot of money these days. The Clintons made over 109 million 6 years after he retired (in disgrace and impeached) from office all legally with IRS tax record to show.

It is funny that US mainstream media has nothing reported on this yet. The coverage on China's injured Olympian Liu Xiang receive more headlines than any news from Taiwan. There is also nothing about Taiwan's string of baseball loses as if these are all expected. That including A-Bien's corruption charges, i.e. they are NOT news worthy here;)

Tze-Chien Chu

無論法律上他有沒有罪 基本上台灣人已經下判決了"有罪" 就是這樣 其他已經沒啥好談的了 當然如果因此可以改善我們的法律也不嘗是件好事 不過那又是另外一個問題了

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