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August 25, 2008



People always argue about the invisible, untouchable things. There are people who still beleive that NASA moon landing is a hoax, i.e. it was filmed in the desert of Arizona. People use his/her limited expirence and reasoning to conjure up the perception of the world either round or flat or square. People also use their imagination to understand the scriptures in Genesis after we learned that the dinasours may not have boarded Noah the Ark. Many scientists look at religious stories as hypothesis that they can not prove. Many people of faith (Christian or Buddism or others) think science is a form of religion sponsored by the states. The big bang theory and evolution replaced the stories in Genesis for the creation of the world. Science is still struggling to answer questions about the "super natural" things. Part of human experience such as ghost and spirit after death of the flesh is left unexplained because of lacking consistency in the observations and the violation of exisiting laws of physics. You can follow these law and get very predictable results or following your feeling and get all kinds of answers and unintended consequences. Jesus laid down the law of Christian faith when he proclaimed that He is the truth, the road to God and to the eternity. There is no room for argument, you just have to BELIEVE.

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