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July 10, 2008



It is not enough to just hunt (eat), avoid trouble and mate (reproduce). If your robot imitates insects, the robot would be as "smart" as insects and not able to "evolve" to the next level. Cock roach is an example, it has adapted to its best and stay the same behavior for the last 300 million years. We are developing robots that is uesful for human but not necessarily useful for the robots themselves. Sometime the goals would match, but many times the benefit can only be enjoyed by human. The same principle was used in generic eng/bio-tech to modify genes and microbs on plant that is resistive to herbacides, virus and droughts. It is good for the plant to have these features but if it does not bear "fruit" for human ,it is just a super plant. Check out this latest issue of IEEE spectrum on utility robots:

Tze-Chien Chu

I know that make a Insect Robot maybe not a Useful robot. But at least I can get away from the Traditional Robot Design Scenario . Because Maze Walking Robot don't lead us to anything fun. Just a lot of Robot arm in the factory.(I am not saying it is not important)

Tze-Chien Chu

Oh, I think from the Military side. A Robot can play Hide and Seek is very important. Haha.


Most military robots are designed to be sacrificed for the safety of human. Things like bomb disposal robot, mine sweeping robot, unmanned aerial vehicle. The next generation robot soldier may have some basic skill to protect itself from harm but the order is clear, protect human and sacrifice itself. Pretty sad isn't it.

Maze walking and chess playing programs/robots are designed to mimic human intelligence because it is relatively easy for computer to program. Self-awareness is a very difficult concept for machine logic. It needs to be trained just like how kids learn his/her interpersonal boundary. Kids can learn from observation which is very hard from a machine with limited sensors.

Allan Liu


Tze-Chien Chu


Tze-Chien Chu

If you need 10000 robot to sacrifies . I prefer 10 smart robot to do the job.

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