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July 08, 2008



目前台股在內外在環境不見好消息,國際股市持續走低,台股很難逆勢反彈,建議多看少作,保留現金為宜. I think you should lay the blame on media who is telling you to buy at the wrong time. I don't think the KMT regime lead by Ma can do much to the stock market. The good thing is that the myth about the poor economic performance of the DPP goverment is shattered. Blame the international speculators, the foreign investor who may contribute to the 50% drop in China Stock market. A weaker US economy is not good for both Taiwan and China. I was reading the 6 month old Commonwealth magazines (due to shipping & such our library only have Jan -March magazine from Taiwan before the election) and saw those funny comments about the economic prediction if Ma is elected. I think those publishers should feel ashame if they read their own publication and follow their own advices. No, I do not blame Ma's performance as I already knew his leadership style before he got elected so I do not blame him at all. It is the media that sell the public a different perception of Ma's capability.



Tze-Chien Chu

年紀大了 電不動了


哈哈..年紀一把了還有人要來電你.福氣. 福氣. 希望來電的人有夠水準 :)

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