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October 24, 2007



There is a possibility that China would become the world's economics in "next" 15-20 years. However, it would need to reform on almost every aspect of its economy, laws and govermnent which may never happen. Japan and Germany has a chance to over take US as the No 1 econmics in the "last" 20 years but they did not. It is because of their own limitations. EU already has higher GDP than the US. So it is not very meaningful to fall into the mind set of who is No 1. The nationalisim zeal only push the country into disaster as Japan and German did more than 60 years ago. Will history repeat itself? I hope not. I have no problem with a prosperous China that is "world #1 GDP" as long as it is a civilized country. Form what I read and heard, it may take China another 100 year to reach that standard as long as it does not cause trouble (war) for its own people.

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