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August 28, 2007


Fred Chu

I agree with most points in this article. However, he forgot in the old days, kids had enough excerise at home helping out with chores and farmwork. These days, especially in the city, the kids really do not have other healthy activity to do. I was listening to NPR this morning about 3 million Internet addictive gamming teenagers in China who spend more than 10 hours a day in on-line gaming! The reporter asked why he is doing this much gaming. He said, the summer is so hot outside (not just rain) and he was so bore at home and in school!! A generation lost to on-line gaming !!

The problem with budget in Taiwan is if you don't spend it on something creative, it get wasted on building beautiful offfice for the principle and other non-sense projects. I am not sure the amount invested will really matter, the teacher perhaps want to invest all that fund to salary increase instead :) Every classroom has 2 computers and 1 large screen TV in the US, the parents said it was wasted of money initially, but now it seems to be a great help for the teacher. There are still a lot of teaching and homework, but the added facility create new activities that keep the kids from getting bored.

My colleague want to sent a million Nintendo to Iraq and Palestine kids so they won't get bore and become suicide bommer or terrorists !!

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