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August 20, 2007


Fred Chu

The news said that Wii is part of the indoor excercise and gaming acitivty so you do not need that many wii stations. The trouble is the potential for injury when there are many kids playing in small spaces. The military start to train soliders with simulators when I was in military in Taiwan almost 20 years ago. Most of the tank drivers and helicopter pilots are train on the simulators before they get to touch the real thing, so Wii is a cheap model of a simulator although it is no where near the real thing. The point is to have fun no matter rain or shine.

Tze-Chien Chu

But there are a lot of other game to play indoor without TV and Game Console. Besides, why Wii ? PS3 can do that,too,

Fred Chu

No matter what school purchase, black boards, PE equipments or computer, there is always corruption possibility. The point is to open the bidding process and and let the teacher and student/parents have a say on what the school's buying. If the kids love to play Wii but not PS3, how can you accuse the ploicy maker of corruption? Personally, I think as an alternative to other indoor games, Wii is healthier than all other game consoles and it is cheap! If they decide to buy PS3, that would certainly raise suspcion of corruption as it is too complicated for elemetray student to play and very expensive. You also need to buy a HD display to get the quality.. overall not a good fit for school.. They would be very luck to purchase some Wii for school as Wii is still not available on the shelves in our area. Some people drive 50 miles to a remote Wall-mart to get it!

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