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August 06, 2007



Well, energy policy is very complicated matter. Oil is more than gasoline but the entire petrol-chemical industry including plastics, fabrics, medicines and tens of thousands of products that we used today. Taiwan does not produce oil and does not import that much oil to have a real say to the world energy consumption. Alternative engergy study has been on-going for more than 40 years. I still remeber geo-thermal was hot 30 years ago in Taitung where many hot-spring has the "potential". It is very difficult to change a culture over night but I beleive some price control in terms of taxation for reinvement on alternative energy eventually will work in 10 -20 years. Any short term fluctuation is like the stock market that goverment should not try to control unless it is an emergency.

The free market will enventually find the most efficient way to replace fossile fule and its derivatives. Until then, there is very little the Taiwanese goverment or corporation can do to influence it. It has nothing to do with the social responsibility of the goverment or the corporations.
Technology development come in phases where we enjoy the benefit today and unaware of its consequences tomorrow. There are of course crooks who take advantage of the situation. However, I don't think you can say Ford (mass produce cars to polute the earth) or Edison (invention drain the power which were mostly generated by buring goal or nuclear generators) not socially responsible. They change the world as we know it. Critizing their inventions will not help the situation. I believe generations of smart engineers will refine their products and extract "proper profit" from the process just like Ford and Edison did 100 years ago.

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