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August 16, 2007


Fred Chu

I am always wondering how the people in the third world country get to contact kiva and how does kiva verify their business need and collect the repayment? This type of activity in a large scale is illegal in developed nation to protect the jobs in the banking industry.
It is good that people can somehow connect from far away. I think the guy in the reporting spend 100 times the loan amount traveling to their client locations, which is ironic!
I agree a loan always work better than a grant in term of motivating people out of provety!

Tze-Chien Chu

Yes, actually microfinace is every expansive. I think 100x is possible in the intial phase.It is not ironic. Think about R&D. But once you get 1 loan other people will follow next time your travel will give you more return.
The 1st microfinace bank is making $$ .So it is a new business model.

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