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January 15, 2007


Fred Chu

Branding and Packaging is very important in the material world. In certain industrial, it is the most important factor for hiring or firing (buying or selling). The Taiwnese education system is to mass production of good cans. People later relaize that being a good can does not get them very far. Therefore, they go abroad to get a golden veneer on their can. There is nothing wrong about such a process. Why does Tiffany jewry cost much more than the comparable domestic jewry? The material used in the product is not the entire precieved value. If there are too many bad product produced by the brand, its luster will fade and the brand could become a poison. There are some dummys produced by the system that is shiny but no real material. The best example is the instant noodle industry. Nobody compalins about pictures on the package does not resemble what is in the package and what you get eventually. If the society accpet such a value system, the instant noodle concept will proliferate into other areas in life. When economic growth is the only goal for the country, these materialized human problems will become worse as shown in China today. It is a "instant noodle" society, people want to get rich and get rich now no matter what it takes.

Tze-Chien Chu

Well, I agree with you that package is important. But the problem is the ratio. If Package Cost vs Content cost is too high, Maybe something is wrong.Like Drink Bz. What we buy is convience not the material. And the major problem man create are "we sacrify long term profit for short term convience"

Tze-Chien Chu

說到泡麵 好久沒吃了 現在台灣不能作不實廣告 會被告

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