Use PM2 to Boot Start

Install PM2 globally using NPM

npm install pm2 -g

Start your script with pm2

pm2 start app.js
pm2 save

generate an active startup script

pm2 startup

pm2 unstartup

NOTE: pm2 startup is for startting the PM2 when the system reboots. PM2 once started, restarts all the processes it had been managing before the system went down.

In case you want to disable the automatic startup, simply use pm2 unstartup

If you want the startup script to be executed under another user, just use the -u <username> option and the --hp <user_home>:

pm2 flush -> remove pm2 logs

Chisel BootCamp

Local Installation - Mac/Linux

Need java
//Check Jabar
Dependencies: openssh-client, openjdk-8-jre, openjdk-8-jdk (-headless OK for both), ca-certificates-java

pip3 install --upgrade pip
pip3 install jupyter --ignore-installed

//Jupyter Scala

git clone -b v0.1.9
cd almond
curl -L -o coursier && chmod +x coursier
./coursier bootstrap \
-i user -I user:sh.almond:scala-kernel-api_$SCALA_VERSION:$ALMOND_VERSION \
sh.almond:scala-kernel_$SCALA_VERSION:$ALMOND_VERSION \
-o almond
./almond --install

//Install notebook

git clone
cd chisel-bootcamp
mkdir -p ~/.jupyter/custom
cp source/custom.js ~/.jupyter/custom/custom.js

jupyter notebook